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"So, what's all this about?" you ask? Well, it's simple really. This is a community totally, and utterly, devoted to posting Batman fanfiction. Whether it be from the movies, the comics, the cartoons, these are all the universes we love! So, come on, join, and share your fanfic. Any length, any pairing. Slash or Het. All ratings! So beware!

Note: if you're searching for a fic, please use dc_ficfinders to post an inquiry. Thanks!


1.) All ships are accepted, there will be no bashing or you will be kicked out.

2.) No flames.

3.) All ratings are acceptable, but slap an lj-cut on NC-17 fics.

4.) All lengths are accepted, but if it's a long piece, please put an lj-cut. Drabbles are great, but anything longer than 200 words should definitely be in an lj-cut.

5.) Don't be stupid. Respect each other and we'll get along fine.

Remember all pairings are welcome here. If you don't know what slash is, find out what it is before joining. And if you have a problem with slash pairings - that's fine, but don't bash or flame anyone. You will be hunted. Mocked. And laughed at. Trust me.

Any and all questions can be asked by e-mail me us at __fallen@livejournal.com and sageness@livejournal.com.

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