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[FIC] Bruce/Dick - when all your love is in vain
[batfam] brucedick
klose wrote in batfic
Title: when all your love is in vain
Author: klose
Rating: R/Mature
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
Word Count: ~3500 words
Summary: An unfortunate accident turns Nightwing into the human equivalent of sex pollen, but Batman claims to be unaffected.
Author's Note: It's been more than a year since I last wrote fanfic, and almost two years since I wrote in this particular fandom, so if you do check this fic out (and I hope you do ;)), please do let me know what  you think! :)

ao3 link → when all your love is in vain

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Fantastic! And great to see you writing in the fandom again.

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