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Bruce Wayne's Birthday
Jai Baker
ladyblkrose wrote in batfic

Dear FList, Brucelove and Batfic friends

I have a dilemma. I have 3 separate dates for Bruce’s birthday

Bruce Wayne/Batman Birthday April 29, 1975

Batman the Character’s first appearance May 12, 1974

Batman the Character’s first appearance May 27, 1939

In arch_schatten’s wonderful new fic she mentions that his birthday is in February.
I am confused and while I know that fic is fic and an AU is a world of your own
making….I want to stay somewhere near canon in my upcoming fic, if nothing else
to have a touchstone for my readers. That and I’ve always loved a little science
(facts) in my science fiction…and in everything else.

So if anyone knows the official date for the birth of Bruce (his middle name is
Thomas, right) Wayne please holla back.





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Looking online his modern comics birthday is February 19th.

Thank you. This makes three for the 2/19 date and since three strikes and you're out...2/19 is in for the official date of birth in my fic....That makes his birthstone the amethyst...Yes Bruce would have a dark colored stone LOL

DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part I

From the Geo Cities site:

3: Birthday of Jim Corrigan (the golden age Spectre)
5: Birthday of Police Commissioner James W. Gordon of Gotham City
7: Birthday of Sandra Knight (golden age Phantom Lady)
8: Birthday of Queen Hippolyte of Paradise Island [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on May 18 in Wonder Woman #131 (1962) -- both Pre-Crisis]
10: Birthday of Snapper Carr, formerly with the JLA
11: Birthday of Andrew Nolan (Ferro Lad)
12: Birthday of Brin Londo (Timber Wolf)
13: Birthday of Grodd, the super-gorilla
16: Birthday of Wally West (Kid Flash / Flash III)
" : Birthday of Lena Thorul (nee Lena Luthor) [Action Comics #297 (1963); placed on December 16 in 1976 Super DC Calendar]
17: Birthday of Kent Nelson (golden age Doctor Fate)
18: Birthday of Roy Lincoln (The Human Bomb)
21: Birthday of Pete Ross, Superboy's pal
22: Birthday of Roscoe Dillon (The Top)
23: Birthday of Captain William Storm of The Losers
25: Birthday of Dr. Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, world's wickedest scientist
27: Birthday of Al Pratt (golden age Atom)
28: Birthday of Gim Allon (Colossal Boy)
29: Birthday of Arthur Curry (Aquaman)
31: Birthday of Mera, Aquaman's wife
5: Birthday of Tasmia Mallor (Shadow Lass)
6: Birthday of Sue Dearborn Dibny, Elongated Man's wife
8: Birthday of Tenzil Kem (Matter-Eater Lad)
9: Birthday of Rex Mason (Metamorpho)
10: Birthday of Greg Sanders (golden age Vigilante)
11: Birthday of Rokk Krinn (Cosmic Boy)
14: Hawkman & Hawkgirl's (Katar & Shayera's) wedding anniversary
18: Birthday of Eobard Thawne, Prof. Zoom (The Reverse Flash)
19: Birthday of Bruce Wayne (The Batman) [Earth-1 version; April 7 for Earth-2 Bruce Wayne]
20: Birthday of Hal Jordan (Green Lantern II)
21: Birthday of Jo Nah (Ultra Boy)
24: Birthday of Dirk Morgna (Sun Boy)
25: Birthday of Toby Manning (Terra Man)
26: Birthday of "Gunner" MacKay of the Losers
" : February 26: Birthday of Helix (Baby Boom, Kritter, Mr. Bones, Penny Dreadful, Tao Jones, Arak Wind-Walker)
27: Birthday of Lori Lemaris, mermaid of Atlantis
29: Birthday of Kal-El (Superman); Captain Marvel chose February 29 for his birthday, too!
5: Birthday of Pat Dugan (Stripesy), Star-Spangled Kid's partner
6: Birthday of Garth (Aqualad / Tempest), Aquaman's partner
8: Birthday of Zatara, the magician Zatanna's dad
10: Clark Kent's first meeting with Bruce Wayne
11: Birthday of Lee Travis (golden age Crimson Avenger)
12: Birthday of Perry White, editor of the Daily Planet
13: Birthday of Mick Rory (Heat Wave)
14: Birthday of Selina Kyle (The Catwoman)
19: Birthday of Barry Allen (The Flash II) [Pre-Crisis version; May 13 for Post-Crisis Barry Allen]
20: Birthday of Dick Grayson(Robin / Nightwing II) [Post-Zero Hour version; November 11 for Pre-Crisis Dick Grayson; a week before Halloween in October for post-Crisis Dick Grayson]
21: Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) [Post-Crisis version; May 26 for Pre-Crisis Ralph Dibny]
22: Birthday of Princess Diana of Paradise Island (Wonder Woman), molded from clay and brought to life
23: Birthday of James Jesse (Trickster)
24: Superboy's first meeting with Lex Luthor. They were friends -- then!
25: Birthday of Lydda Jath (Night Girl) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
27: Birthday of Lar Gand (Mon-El)
28: Birthday of Lanfor "Happy" Terrill (the golden age Ray; real first name revealed in Freedom Fighters series)
30: Birthday of Katar Hol (Hawkman II)
31: Birthday of Arthur Curry, Jr. (Aquababy), Aquaman's son

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part II

1: Birthday of Mr. Mxyzptlk
" : Birthday of Billy & Mary Batson (Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel) [Shazam! #4 (1973); placed on December 23 in 1976 Super DC Calendar]
" : Johnny Chambers & Libby Lawrence's wedding anniversary (1942)
3: Birthday of Jay Garrick (golden age Flash)
4: Birthday of Darrell Dane (Doll Man)
5: Birthday of Chuck Taine (Bouncing Boy)
6: Brainiac created by computers of planet Colu.
7: Birthday of Bruce Wayne (golden age Batman) [Earth-2 version; February 19 for Earth-1 Bruce Wayne]
8: Birthday of Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne's butler
9: Birthday of John Sargent (Sargon the Sorcerer)
10: Birthday of Dinah Drake Lance (golden age Black Canary)
11: "Birthday" of Linda Danvers (Supergirl). Anniversary of her arrival on Earth [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on May 18 in Action Comics #305 (1963)]
19: Birthday of Samuel Scudder (Mirror Master)
20: Superboy's first meeting with Mon-El
21: Birthday of Tinya Wazzo (Phantom Girl)
24: J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter, stranded on Earth
26: Birthday of Donna Troy (Wonder Girl)
28: Birthday of Uncle Dudley (Uncle Marvel)
29: Pete Ross learns Clark Kent is Superboy.
2: Lena Thorul (Luthor's sister) marries Jeff Colby
3: Birthday of Maxwell Jensen (The Parasite)
4: Birthday of Pieter Anton Cross (Dr. Mid-Nite II) in Trondheim, Norway (1962 Post-Zero Hour)
5: Birthday of Condo Arlik (Chemical King)
6: Adam Strange’s first trip to the planet Rann
7: Birthday of Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr.)
8: Birthday of Jack Ryder (The Creeper)
10: Captain Marvel captures Mr. Mind
11: District Attorney Harvey Kent scarred by acid (see June 12)
12: Luthor’s first attempt to kill Superboy
13: Birthday of Barry Allen (The Flash II) [Post-Crisis version; March 19 for Pre-Crisis Barry Allen]
14: Superboy becomes Superman
16: Lana Lang given bio-ring by alien, she becomes Insect Queen
18: Birthday of Dr. Charles McNider (golden age Dr. Mid-Nite)
" : Birthday of Queen Hippolyta of Paradise Island [Wonder Woman #131 (1962); placed on January 8 in 1976 Super DC Calendar -- both Pre-Crisis]
" : "Birthday" of Linda Danvers (Supergirl). Anniversary of her arrival on Earth (at 12:17 PM EST) [Action Comics #305 (1963) & Supergirl #20 (1984); placed on April 11 in 1976 Super DC Calendar]
19: Birthday of George "Digger" Harkness (Captain Boomerang)
20: Birthday of Zatanna the magician
21: Birthday of Beautia Sivana, Dr. Sivana's good daughter
25: Birthday of the real Diana Prince (Mrs. Dan White)
" : Birthday of Jason Burr and Kobra in New Delhi (1953 Pre-Crisis)
26: Birthday of Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man) [Pre-Crisis version; March 21st for post-Crisis Ralph Dibny]
28: Superboy's first meeting with Mxyzptlk
1: Birthday of Carter Hall (golden age Hawkman)
3: Birthday of Salu Digby (Shrinking Violet)
4: Birthday of Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard)
6: James W. Gordon graduates from law school
8: Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Batman's parents) [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on June 26 in Batman Special #1 (1984) -- both Pre-Crisis]
9: Birthday of Capt. Johnny Cloud of The Losers
11: SUPERMAN DAY. Anniversary of his debut as Superboy
12: Harvey Dent becomes Two-Face
16: Krypton blows up
18: "Birthday" of Clark Kent. Anniversary of the day he landed on Earth [Pre-Crisis version; Post-Crisis Clark Kent's "birthday" is in November]
19: Birthday of Shayera Thal (Hawkgirl II / Hawkwoman)
22: Birthday of Hartley Rathaway, alias Thomas Peterson and Henry Darrow (Pied Piper)
23: Superman’s first battle with Terra-Man
24: Accident in Luthor’s lab gives his sister Lena ESP powers
25: The Kents adopt Superbaby, name him Clark.
26: Murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Batman's parents) [Batman Special #1 (1984); placed on June 8 in 1976 Super DC Calendar -- both Pre-Crisis]
27: Aquaman marries Mera
" : Murder of John & Mary Grayson (Robin's parents) [Post-Zero Hour version; July 15 in Pre-Crisis version; Halloween in Post-Crisis version]
28: Wing (Crimson Avenger's partner) dies to save Earth

" : JSA and allies are bathed in Ian Karkull's chronal radiation, prolonging their lives and keep them vital for many years (1941)
29: Krypto lands on Earth
30: Perry White hires Clark Kent

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part III

2: Birthday of Tawky Tawny (Mr. Tawny), the talking tiger
4: Uncle Sam's Birthday (U.S. Independence Day)
5: Birthday of Steve Lombard, WGBS sportscaster
6: Mary Batson becomes Mary Marvel
7: Birthday of the JSA's Johnny Thunder
8: Ma and Pa Kent made younger by elixir from another dimension
9: Birthday of Ray Palmer (The Atom II)
10: Birthday of Drake Burroughs (Wildfire)
11: Escaping from Batman, Red Hood swims through chemical wastes. They dye his skin and hair -- he becomes the Joker
13: Supergirl meets Comet, the Super-Horse
15: Murder of John & Mary Grayson (Robin's parents) [Pre-Crisis version; Halloween in Post-Crisis version; June 27 in Post-Zero Hour version]
16: First meeting of the Justice Society of America (1940) [Pre-Crisis version; November 22 for Post-Crisis version]
17: Birthday of Lana Lang, Superboy's girlfriend
19: Ted Grant, suspected of murder, becomes Wildcat to clear himself
20: Birthday of Al Desmond (formerly Mr. Element and Dr. Alchemy)
" : Birthdays of Jennie-Lynn Hayden (Jade) and Todd Rice (Obsidian)
21: Birthday of Staq Mavlen (Fire Lad) of Legion of Substitute Heroes
22: Justice League of America organized
23: Jim Corrigan murdered -- he becomes the Spectre
25: Birthday of Lucy Lane, Lois's sister
26: Birthday of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot (The Penguin)
27: Luthor creates first adult Bizarro
28: Batman's first clash with the Catwoman
29: Ray Palmer first uses his dwarf star power to become the Atom
31: Birthday of Sgt. Frank Rock of Easy Company (1917)
1: Birthday of The Joker (real name unknown)
2: Dr. Charles McNider blinded by killer’s grenade (see December 1)
3: Superman made world citizen by the U.N.
5: Superboy discovers Kryptonite
6: Birthday of Kid Eternity (real name unknown) [Pre-Crisis name later revealed as Christopher "Kit" Freeman, brother of Freddy Freeman]
7: Birthday of Morgan Edge, President of Galaxy Communications
9: Ma & Pa Kent die of fever plague
10: Boston Brand murdered, becomes Deadman
11: Linda Lee adopted by Fred & Edna Danvers
13: Steve Trevor’s plane crashes on Friday the 13th
14: Supergirl adopts Streaky, the Super-Cat
15: Birthday of Ral Benem (Chorophyll Kid) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
16: Birthday of Prof. Ira West, the Flash's father-in-law
17: Birthday of Lois Lane
18: Birthday of Wing How (Wing), Crimson Avenger's partner (full name revealed in Crimson Avenger mini-series)
20: Birthday of Jan Arrah (Element Lad)
21: Birthday of Shiera Sanders (golden age Hawkgirl)
23: Freddy Freeman becomes Captain Marvel, Jr.
" : Kid Eternity dies before his time, gets powers
25: Dick Grayson's first appearance as Robin [Pre-Crisis version]
27: Lab accident destroys Luthor's great discovery, makes him lose his hair. He blames Superboy, starts feud
28: Ralph Dibny marries Sue Dearborn, publicly reveals he is Elongated Man
29: Birthday of "Eel" O'Brian (Plastic Man)
30: Superman builds his Fortress of Solitude
31: J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter, quits JLA and leaves Earth to join his exiled people

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part IV

1: Birthday of Jonathan Kent, Superboy's foster father
3: Superboy’s last day in Smallville
4: Wonder Woman comes to "Man's World"
7: Birthday of Helena Wayne (The Huntress) [Pre-Crisis version]
8: Superman rescues bottle-city of Kandor from Brainiac
9: Blackhawk’s brother and sister killed by Nazi ace. Blackhawk vows vengeance
10: Birthday of Reep Daggle (Chameleon Boy)
11: Birthday of Roy Raymond, TV Detective
12: Birthday of Ted Grant (golden age Wildcat)
13: Birthday of Thaddeus Bodog Sivana, Jr., world's wickedest boy
14: Wedding anniversary of Adam Strange and Alanna
15: Linda Danvers meets Lena Thorul (Luthor's sister)
18: Birthday of Val Armorr (Karate Kid)
20: Clark Kent meets Lori Lemaris
22: Birthday of Kara Zor-El (Supergirl)
23: Birthday of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl II)
26: Birthday of Sandy Hawkins (golden age Sandman's partner)
27: Birthday of Iris Allen, the Flash's wife
28: Birthday of Lex Luthor
29: Red Tornado created by T.O. Morrow
30: Supergirl's public debut
1: Clark Kent meets Pete Ross
2: Birthday of Alan Scott (golden age Green Lantern)
3: Supergirl frees her parents from Survival Zone
5: Birthday of Luornu Durgo (Duo Damsel)
6: Larry Lance dies. His wife, Black Canary, comes to Earth-1
7: Prof. Dalton creates first Bizarro Superboy
8: First Bizarro destroyed
12: Birthday of Albert Julian Rothstein (Nuklon / Atom-Smasher)
13: Batman & Robin's first clash with the Joker
14: Birthday of Sterling Morris, owner of station WHIZ
17: Birthday of John Stewart (Green Lantern III)
19: Birthday of Magnificus Sivana, Dr. Sivana's good son
20: Birthday of Terry Sloane (golden age Mr. Terrific)
21: Jonathan & Martha Kent's wedding anniversary
22: Birthday of Thom Kallor (Star Boy)
23: Freak accident gives Barry Allen super-speed. He becomes the Flash
26: Birthday of Lola Barnett, WGBS gossip reporter
28: Birthday of Blackhawk (real name unknown) [name revealed as Janos Prohaska post-Crisis]
30: Birthday of Dexter Miles, curator of the Flash Museum
31: Birthday of Daphne Pennyworth (Alfred's niece)

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part V

1: Birthday of Roy Harper (Speedy / Arsenal)
3: Birthday of Wesley Dodds (golden age Sandman)
5: Birthday of Rex Tyler (golden age Hourman)
6: Birthday of Boston Brand (Deadman)
7: Birthday of Martha Clark Kent, Superboy's foster mother
8: Billy Batson first becomes Captain Marvel
9: Justice Society of America is formed (1940) [Post-Crisis version; early July for Pre-Crisis version]
10: Birthday of Garth and Ayla Ranzz (Lightning Lad & Lightning Lass / Light Lass)
11: Birthday of Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing) [Pre-Crisis version; a week before Halloween in October for Post-Crisis Dick Grayson; first day of Spring or March 20 for Post-Zero Hour Dick Grayson]
14: Birthday of Hector Sanders Hall (Silver Scarab / Sandman III / Dr. Fate IV)
15: Birthday of Richard Grey, Jr. (golden age Black Condor)
16: Birthday of Jonathan Crane (The Scarecrow)
17: Atomic wastes turn Maxwell Jensen into the Parasite
19: Birthday of Lyle Norg (original Invisible Kid)
20: Greg Sanders' father killed by bandits
21: Birthday of Kamandi, last boy on Earth
22: Birthday of Abra Kadabra
" : First meeting of the Justice Society of America (1940) [Post-Crisis version; July 16 for Pre-Crisis version]
23: Birthday of Imra Ardeen (Saturn Girl)
24: Barry & Iris Allen's wedding anniversary
26: Birthday of "Sarge" of the Losers (real name top secret)
27: Greg Sanders' debut as the Vigilante
29: Birthday of James Bartholomew (Jimmy) Olsen
30: Birthday of Dag Wentim (Stone Boy) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
1: Dr. McNider becomes Dr. Mid-Nite
3: Birthday of Adam Strange
4: Batman's first case
5: Birthday of Mr. Mind, world's wickedest worm
7: Birthday of Harvey Dent (Two-Face)
" : All-Star Squadron is formed (1941)
8: Birthday of Nura Nal (Dream Girl)
9: Birthday of Oliver Queen (original Green Arrow)
11: Birthday of Len Snart (Captain Cold)
13: Birthday of Sylvester Pemberton (golden age Star-Spangled Kid)
14: Birthday of Ulu Vakk (Color Kid) of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
16: Birthday of Lena Thorul (nee Lena Luthor) [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on January 16 in Action Comics #297 (1963)]
18: Birthday of Ted Knight (golden age Starman)
19: Birthday of Princess Projectra
20: Abin Sur dies -- passes power battery and ring on to Hal Jordan
22: Birthday of Brek Bannin (Polar Boy), leader of the Legion of Substitute Heroes
23: Birthday of Billy & Mary Batson (Captain Marvel & Mary Marvel) [1976 Super DC Calendar; placed on April 1 in Shazam! #4 (1973)]
24: Infinity Inc is formed (1984 Pre-Crisis)
27: Birthday of Sir Justin (The Shining Knight)
29: Birthday of Georgia Sivana, world's wickedest girl
30: Birthday of Querl Dox (Brainiac 5)

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part IV

WHOA and Whoa some more. THis is so frecking fantastic and inclusive and encompassing and complete. You've gone way beyond the call of duty here Baby and thanks so much. I've got dates for things I can slide in my fic that I didn't know I wanted to slide in my fic. You just may have added a chapter or two LOL.
Thanks so very much for sharing this and for all the work this emcompasses.
Again like-WHOA

Re: DC Comics Dates of Importance--Part IV

I could have sworn that post-Crisis (pre-reboot?) Dick's birthday was March 23, the first day of spring? Or is that fanon or animated!canon?

I know that's way more than what you asked for, but the original site I got that from seems to have gone away. It wasn't doing anyone else any good sitting on my hard drive.

Now it sits on mine LOL and ^______^

Ah! I knew there was a site with all that on it--it's what made me go online to find the b-day, I knew there was something out there with that info but I must not have bookmarked it. Thanks!

Omg, I love you! That site disappeared on me and made me sad! <3

Share it around. There's no sense in letting somebody's hard work go to waste. :)

According to some research I've done Bruce came back to Gotham at the age of 25. Now we all know first appeared in Detective Comics #27 in May of 1939. Now if he was 25 at the time the that means that Bruce was born some day of February in 1914.

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