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Mmmmmm. This was lovely, and hot, and funny, and the character work felt *just* right. About the only criticism I have is that it comes off awkward in places. You want to watch your POV switches in the first part, because it can be hard to follow.

Thanks for the praise and also the criticism. It's my first fic, so I was somewhat paranoid. You're right. Part of the awkwardness, I think, is a spillover from trying to capture the awkwardness of the situation for Tim. Reading it over now that I've got a bit of distance from it I can see the problems. I'll have to rework it a bit when I have time, I think.

I agree with Te that the story could use a little tweaking in parts but for a first timer this is very good. I especially liked your Tim-Bruce interaction.

Thankyou! I think I'm going to keep coming back and fiddling with it as I get more distance and perspective on it.

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