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Mmm... Oh, I love your Harley voice. All shattered and fragmented and lovely and the importance of *words*.

Plus, Batman/Robin! Hee!

I think I need a sex pollen icon.

Eee! Thank you! I can't help thinking of words as being important to Harley, because they can make anything better, even getting shoved out a window by your boyfriend.

And we all need sex pollen icons. Because if there was more the universe would be a better, pervier place. Or something like that. Yes. *nods*

That is the best Harley/Ivy fic I've ever read. Your Harley is SO perfect, I really love how her thoughts ramble off like that. And I'm still giggling at the hot pants. I remember that comic!

Please write a sequel, then I might even join the community!

*G* Thank you! And while I doubt I'll sequel this the girls do want more fic time, and I have ideas, so there may well be more.

:nods wisely:

Harley+Ivy is a goooood thing. Never let it be said otherwise.

SO true. *wallows in the pretty girl comics*

Ooooh, very fascinating character work and *hot*. The prose felt a little awkward/hard to follow in places, but I really enjoyed this. Love to see more!

*adds this to links for Crossdressing for Justice*

Your Harley is absolutely perfect. Just perfect. Absolutely insane and absolutely adorable. And Harley/Ivy is always a good thing.

I like! I like LOTS! Wonderful Harley thoughts that were delightfully mad and whimsical and totally her.

Sweet, sexy, funny, good all over!

More please!



Ooohyeah ... that was absolute perfection.

I'm gonna be buzzin' all day.

Mmmmm. Harley/Ivy isn't generally my thing, but this is nice. You really nailed Harley -- I could hear Arleen Sorkin's voice. And I had to love that she managed to dose IVY with her own sex pollen. Hee!

Beautiful! So hot and yummy, Harvey is adoreable.

good stuff.
i've been an Ivy/harley fan for quite a while.
great sutff indeeds!

I don't post much, but I just had to say I loved this story. And your Harley was excellent!!

i enjoyed reading that fic ever so (belatedly) much.

Wow... I'd really forgotten how much I love this couple...

You're welcome! *G* Thank you. Always nice to remind a person how much they like my otp.

Anyone care to point me towards more Harl/Ivy fic?

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